Regenerative Injection Therapy

Healing by enhancing the bodies own innate healing capacity is the essence of Regenerative Injection Therapy. By stimulating the body to repair an area and giving that area the necessary growth factors and stem cells to do the repair work we can affect healing at many different site in the body. Using a musculoskeletal ultrasound we are able to assess progress of the regenerative process that occurs during the different phases of recovery.

Occasionally musculoskeletal imbalances are due to over-stretched ligaments, which would normally provide stability between the bones. When the ligaments are too loose, the musculoskeletal imbalance will continue to persist in spite of manipulation or acupuncture. Regenerative Injection Therapy initiates the healing response at the site of ligamentous laxity.

This minimally invasive approach involves a series of injections at the site of injury in order to continue healing and stimulate collagen formation. Dr. Wardwell uses traditional proliferants like Dextrose as well as Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem cells.

Injecting Amniotic Membrane Derived Stem Cells into a patient’s ACL under ultrasound guidance

Needle passing deep to the patellar tendon through hoffa’s fat pad and into the ACL

Initial MRI read as a complete tear of the ACL

MRI 6 weeks later showing regrowth of the ACL


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