Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapies include treatments that use either Mesenchymal or Hematopoeitic stem cells found in adipose tissue or bone marrow aspirate. These types of cells have the potential to become the tissue they are injected into and regulate the healing and homeostasis over time.

These cells are derived from the patient via lipo-aspiration for fat derived mesenchymal cells or Bone Marrow Cellulation for Hematopoeitic cells. In the case of fat, the tissue is processed through a series of mechanical filters, centrifuged to isolate and concentrate the fat containing the cellular milieu then mixed with Platelet Rich Plasma in order to activate the mixture with growth factors. In some cases, Bone Marrow aspirate may be mixed with this in order to have a more potent regenerative effect.

Why Fat?

Adipose tissue is highly vascular and easily acquired. Pericytes are cells that live along the small vessels in adipose tissue and have the mesenchymal stem cell like qualities that give us the regenerative effect.

Aside from containing a rich cellular milieu of growth factors and pericytes, adipose can be used as a biological scaffolding to bridge gaps in tissue where there are muscle, ligament, or other connective tissue tears or add volume to areas of fat atrophy for aesthetic indications.

Why Bone Marrow?

Many factors can determine the quality of a bone marrow aspirate. The age and health of the host can be the greatest determinant. Aside from that, the method of obtaining the bone marrow has a significant effect. The Marrow Cellulation technique is a new and improved way to perform Bone Marrow Aspiration that maximizes our viable total nucleated cell count while minimizing patient discomfort by reducing the number sites needed to obtain this same cell number. Instead of performing multiple bone marrow aspiration sites through the side of the iliac crest, the Marrow Cellulation device is designed to pass through the iliac crest long ways from back to front. It draws from side ports to minimize the amount of peripheral blood and maximize the concentration of the complete cellular milieu found in the nests along the side of the aspiration device.

This newer method of harvesting bone marrow derived stem cells represents a quantum leap forward in increasing the yield and reducing the discomfort of the procedure compared to other older methods, which are commonly still  practiced for the same purpose.

Why both Fat and Bone Marrow?

In some cases, using both Adipose derived and Bone Marrow derived stem cells gives us the most potent regenerative effect. Hematopoetic stem cells have an adherent quality that allows them to become cartilage whereas Mesenchymal stem cells are more like project managers encouraging existing stem cells in the are to mature. The adipose may add an additional effect of continuously calling in new cells as the adipose tissue dies off and is reabsorbed by the body as well as acting as a biological scaffolding for cartilage, ligament, labrum or meniscus to grow along.


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