A healthy diet is the foundation of health. What you eat is important but even more important is what you are able to digest. Dr. Wardwell looks at diet from an evolutionary perspective and advocates an anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic, alkaline diet similar to that of our Paleolithic ancestors. Our gastrointestinal tract has evolved over millions of years and only in the last few thousand years has our diet began to introduce agricultural products such as dairy and wheat. In the last hundred years, we have begun introducing artificial preservatives, food dyes, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, processed sugars, refined grains and genetically modified organisms into our diet. Though these foods have become commonplace in most households, it is important to consider the downstream effects this type of food can have on our health. Dr. Wardwell uses a combination of taking a thorough history and testing for food sensitivities which could be contributing to chronic inflammation using . While food sensitivities are often a symptom of a deeper issue, it important to address them in the process of healing the gastrointestinal tract.