The San Francisco Institute for Integrative and Regenerative Medicine is a center of excellence where cutting edge technology and ancient principles of health backed by modern day science meet. The future of medicine is now available to patients looking for a deeper approach to health and healing.

The field of Integrative medicine has grown from complementary and alternative medicine to become an integral part of modern day medicine in the form of functional medicine. Looking at health from a systems based approach requires insights into the individual that can be attained by ancient methods like pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, and cranio-sacral manipulation as well as more modern day methods such as musculoskeletal ultrasound, Genetic testing, DNA based testing of the Microbiome, Organic acid and Hormone metabolite testing.

Regenerative medicine is the new frontier of using the bodies own innate healing capacity to heal itself. We can amplify this effect by concentrating growth factors and stem cells derived from patients own body. These can then be used to regenerate tissue such as torn muscles, ligaments and cartilage as well as for facial rejuvenation, hair regrowth, scar removal and other aesthetic treatments. Harvesting a high quality regenerative product is important but putting it back into a healthy host that will use it to heal the intended area is even more important.

The San Francisco Institute for Integrative and Regenerative Medicine provides the highest quality regenerative procedures in the context of a complete integrative medicine approach that optimizes successful outcomes.

Injecting Amniotic Membrane Derived Stem Cells into a patient's ACL under ultrasound guidance

Regenerative medicine is the new frontier of using the bodies own innate healing capacity to heal itself.

We can amplify this effect by concentrating growth factors and stem cells derived from
patients own body.

There can be many important underlying causes of reflux to address but using melatonin to control the symptoms can be a safe and effective. ...

You probably have heard that melatonin can help you sleep, but did you know it may also alleviate symptoms of heartburn? Most people think of melatonin as a hormone that, when produced by the brain's pineal gland, affects circadian rhythms and the sleep-wake cycle. But your gastrointestinal tract (GI) also makes melatonin, secreting up to 500 times as much your pineal gland. Melatonin serves numerous functions in the GI system and now science suggests it might be help ease the pain of acid reflux, too. A number of studies have shown that melatonin (3-6 mg 2 hours before bed) significantly reduces reflux symptoms by 6-8 weeks, working as well as a common proton pump inhibitor. Melatonin helps to close the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus, reducing the back flow of stomach acid. Maybe it is not a coincidence that so many people struggle with sleep and heartburn in modern times. Considering the side effects associated with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), melatonin might be a useful alternative. Definitely something to talk to your health care provider about!

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A recent study showed high dose Vitamin D was significantly more effective than Tamiflu as well.
For any viral infection, either alone or in addition to other proven therapies, I recommend vitamin D3 100,000 IU/d x 3d as well as a product containing Elderberry, Echinacea and a few other anti viral nutraceuticals called Viracid, 2 tab / hour x 6 hours (adult dosing only). When it is a viral URI, Xlear nasal spray is a good edition.

I also recommend the free e book, The Alkaline Way, because eating acid forming foods (refined grains, dairy, sugars, red meat, coffee, alcohol) suppresses the immune system and increases histamine production (responsible for most of the symptoms). Water is a natural anti histamine and along with light stretching (a few sun salutations) can aid in lymphatic drainage to help get your immune system moving.

When you feel those dreaded flu symptoms coming on, you want to take something you know will stop sickness in its tracks. According to a recent study, your options now include herbs. A new study shows a combination of echinacea and elderberry is as effective as the conventional antiviral medicine Tamiflu in the early treatment of influenza. In the study, 473 patients with flu symptoms for less than 48 hours were randomly given either a syrup containing echinacea herb and root supplemented with elderberry for ten days or Tamiflu for five days followed by a placebo for five days. Observing the two groups at one, five, and ten days of treatment to see who had mild or no symptoms, researchers found a similar number of patients had recovered in both groups. Researchers even noted a small trend towards a higher percentage of recovered patients after ten days of treatment with the herbal syrup. Early intervention is key with any flu treatment, so consider keeping a bottle of echinacea/elderberry extract on hand just in case.

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