Trusculpt iD

Trusculpt iD is a non invasive fat reduction treatment that on average reduces body fat in the treated area by 25% at each session. The Fat is killed by heating it up to 43-45 degrees Celsius and then the body removes it via the lymphatics over the course of 12 weeks. Results become noticeable at 6 weeks.

Another effect of achieving this temperature to kill fat is Skin Tightening. Many times, removing fat can leave skin laxity and Trusculpt iD address this by causing a thermal injury to the collagen layer of the skin, which causes the collagen and elastin to start to remodel resulting in tighter and healthier skin.

Trusculpt iD boasts the most fat reduction of all of the non invasive fat reduction techniques (24% rather than the 22% of coolscultping or 11% of Sculpsure), the shortest treatment time (15 minutes vs 105 minutes to treat the equivalent area) and best of all has no downtime and the least possible risk of side effects (there isn’t a risk of nerve damage that can happen with freezing fat using Coolsculpting).

The session feels like a hot rocks massage and is very relaxing. Up to Six 3x3inch areas can be treated at a time and multiple areas can be treated at a single session.

Since the technology uses Radiofrequency to heat the fat, there is no need to suck the fat up into the machine, which allows smaller and curved areas to be treated like the Neck, Inner Thighs, back of the arms and Calves, which are often times not candidates for other non-invasive fat reduction treatments.

Dr. Wardwell utilizes this tool in the context of a larger weight loss and muscle building regimen that involves looking at the underlying causes such as hormone imbalance, deconditioning from injuries, digestive imbalances as well as the more conventional focus on diet and exercise.

Whether you are trying to take off fat and tighten skin after a baby, have gotten out of shape through lack of exercise or just have a few stubborn areas that have not responded to diet and exercise, Trusculpt iD can help you take control over your body by targeting specific areas of fat deposits to achieve the look you desire.