SkinTyte is a revolutionary new technology that can tighten loose skin that develops as the collagen layer loses it’s elasticity. Using Infrared wavelengths, SkinTyte raises the temperature of the collagen layer of the skin to 41 degrees C. This initiates the collagen remodeling process resulting in tighter skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. SkinTyte fills in an important gap in the non surgical approaches to Aesthetics because although fillers can lift the skin, they cannot fully address fine lines or loose skin. More importantly, SkinTyte works by addressing the underlying cause of the problem by regenerating the collagen layer.

When used as an adjunct to Broadband Light Therapy (BBL), we can regenerate more youthful skin, eliminate unhealthy vasculature and discolorations as well as improve the elasticity and firmness that helps to give a healthy supple look. SkinTyte is safe and has minimal to no downtime associated, which makes it a significant improvement on older technology devices that are designed to achieve the same effect. SkinTyte can be performed at the same time as BBL to maximize the effect and minimize the amount of time necessary to achieve this effect. Other procedures such as Platelet Rich Plasma can enhance the aesthetic outcome by increasing healthy vasculature, enhancing collagen regeneration, improving skin texture and supporting healthy levels of facial fat to act as a structural support to the skin.


BBL + Skintyte | 3 weeks post 1 treatment | Courtesy of Jill Caruso, King Dermatology

At the San Francisco Institute for Integrative and Regenerative Medicine, our goal is achieve the best outcome using the most advanced technology in the context of a holistic approach that addresses both the effects and underlying causes of the aging process. The effects of SkinTyte can be enhanced when used in the larger context of bio-identical hormone therapy, nutritional supplementation, and non toxic but potent skin care products. As a Functional Medicine doctor, I utilize this type of advanced technology along with these forms of supplementation in the larger context of patient’s overall health and wellness program. This helps to ensure that you are not sacrificing your overall health for an aesthetic outcome and that you are able to achieve a sustainable and more effective aesthetic result.