Functional Medicine

This systems oriented approach is the over arching theme behind the San Francisco Institute for Integrative and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Wardwell integrates Digestive health, Detoxification, Cardiometabolic health, and hormonal balancing by utilizing state of the art lab testing with the art of taking a thorough history and performing an in depth physical exam. Labs like Genova Diagnostics provide the tools to test hormones, essential minerals and amino acids, heavy metals and toxins, and pathogens or digestive enzyme deficiencies in the GI tract.

Dr. Wardwell works with the highest quality nutraceutical companies to provide safe and effective means of enhancing wellness and treating illness or injury in conjunction or in place of using pharmaceutical drugs. He also works with compounding pharmacies to provide customized prescriptions tailored to the individual as well as intravenous therapies for more intensive nutrient replacement and detoxification protocols.

Functional Medicine Test Results