The following links provide evidence to support the practice of Regenerative Medicine

Prolotherapy website links to research for various indications

A meta-analysis of 18 studies looking at Platelet Rich Plasma for treatment of Tendinopathy

Looking at Patellar Tendinopathy, PRP in conjunction with physical therapy accelerates healing significantly faster than dry needling and physical therapy.

An overview of various Regenerative therapies used for treating Osteoarthritis of the knee

Looking at using Adipose Derived PRP for Patellar Tendon tears…

Although these studies show beneficial effect of agents injected into single locations, I find that evaluating and treating the bio-tensegrity of the system in which these types of disorders arise is equally important to achieving a long lasting and clinically relevant effect. I.e, if the ACL is loose and you treat the quadricep or patellar tendon, it may heal and last a while but I would expect it to return with continued use. Understanding that the patellar or quad tendon injury may be a manifestation of abnormal biomechanics due to other asymptomatic injuries is part of a robust application of regenerative agents. The approach to applying biologics is even more important than the quality of the biologic agent because if an area doesn’t get treated then it can make or break the efficacy of the treatment to the symptomatic area.