• Increased Skin Tone and Improved Texture
  • Reduces hyper-pigmentation and Melasma
  • Reduces pore size
  • Reduces sun damage
  • Reduces Fine lines and scarring

Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser that is customizable to incorporate as much of the ablative or non ablative properties of laser therapy that any given patient needs while taking into account the amount of downtime that they have to recover.

Traditional ablative laser therapy has the downside of causing prolonged downtime (7-14 days) and more possibility of complications. Traditional non-ablative laser therapy is only mildly effective for treating collagen layer issues such as fine lines, deeper seeded pigmentation loss of skin turgor and more advanced photo-aging of the skin.

Halo combines the best of both worlds by utilizing an ablative laser that allows deeper resurfacing that can be customized to treat different levels over more or less surface area of the face while leaving enough healthy skin intact to allow for a faster recovery time and decreased risk. Halo does this by targeting a circle (Halo) of skin with the ablative laser and the inside of the circle with the non-ablative laser. This leaves the healthy skin in the center and periphery of the circle intact, which helps the skin to recover and minimizes trauma to the skin.

Halo is safer for darker skin types. Traditional ablative laser therapy has more risk of Scarring simply due to the heat and trauma to the skin that are unavoidable with this type of procedure. Halo is tunable and can be customized to increase the depth of the laser in order to reduce trauma to the skin and it has a built in temperature senser, chiller and vacuum that help to maintain the perfect amount of skin temperature to achieve optimal results.

Combination Treatments:

BBL and Halo

When combined with BBL (Broadband Light Therapy), a Halo treatment can freshen up your face and slow aging of both skin and deeper collagen layers. BBL has been shown to activate youth maintaining genes and reduce the appearance of aging when used every 6 months. BBL effectively targets age spots, freckles, blood vessels, pores and enhances skin clarity. Halo enhances BBL by targeting deeper seeded pigmentation, collagen related issues such as sagging, fine lines and texture irregularities.



BBL™ + Halo™ + CTRL™ | After 1 month  1 treatment | Courtesy of The Skin Institute at Savannah Plastic Surgery

Skintyte and Halo

Skintyte allows us to target areas of skin laxity and fine lines more aggresively. This can be commonly used around the eyes, neck or hands but has applications for body contouring in the back of the arms, abdomen and legs as well.



BBL™ + SkinTyte™ + ProFractional™+ Halo™ | After 4 years 2-3 treatments per year | Courtesy of Rebecca Gelber, MD

Regenerative Agents

When combined with Platelet Rich Plasma, Amniotic Membrane, wound healing is accelerated and a dose of growth factors, and collagen can be administered directly to the collagen layer so that you come away with the best possible result. These agents can be administered as injections threaded into wrinkles and under eye circles or applied topically after the treatment and held tight to the skin with a growth factor enriched mask immediately after the treatment.

Halo treatment for Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmemtation and Melasma