Priapus Shot

The Priapus Shot is named after the Greek god of fertility, Priapus. It is an
injection of growth factors that are concentrated from your own blood
(Platelet Rich Plasma) that can stimulate new blood vessel, nerve and
connective tissue growth. Altogether this can support better blood flow,
increased nerve function and increased size of the penis, which in the end
leads to better erections and a more enjoyable love life.

Conditions that may benefit from this injection are Erectile Dysfunction,
Peyronie’s disease, Incontinence, and nerve injuries after prostate
biopsies. Even patient’s without these conditions have reported increased
sensitivity, increased width and length of their penis and erections that last
longer and are able to engage in more sessions of intercourse at a given

This procedure was pioneered by Charles Runels, M.D. and has been
studied over the past 7 years in order to establish safety and ensure the
best protocol is followed to achieve optimal results. Dr. Wardwell
underwent training in this procedure and has taken it to the next level by
performing this procedure under ultrasound guidance and using the most
highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma available on the market.

Using ultrasound can be especially important when treating
Peyronie’s disease since the procedure requires injecting into the calcified
area. In every case, safely administering the Platelet Rich Plasma to the
correct location is essential and with ultrasound guidance we can know
exactly where the injection is going.

Like all Platelet Rich Plasma procedures, the effect happens over the next
8-12 weeks as the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue continue
to grow from the effect of the growth factors that are injected in the
procedure. In some cases, multiple treatments may be necessary to
achieve the desired effect or can enhance the effects of the first shot.
Outside of the Priapus shot, treating erectile dysfunction and optimizing
sexual performance can involve treating the whole person.

Testosterone and DHEA are hormones that must be assessed and
addressed if they are deficient in order to achieve the optimal effect from
the Priapus shot. Replacing or stimulating the body to produce more of
these hormones takes a nuanced understanding of the inter-relationship
between these hormones and the system in which these hormones are
either formed or become deficient.

In some cases, I’ve tested patients with no libido and found optimal
hormone levels. Often times the most important thing we treated to restore
their libido was their digestive health. When you are bloated or nauseous it
does not matter what level of Testosterone you have or how great your
blood flow is to the penis, you will not be in the mood and your erections
will reflect this. Aside from this, chronic immune stimulation leads to an
overwhelming Sympathetic nervous system tone and treating imbalances
of the microbiome or identifying food stimulating the immune system can
be essential to reducing this stimulus. Erectile function is the result of a
healthy parasympathetic tone in the body, often reflected in a low resting
heart rate as seen in people who exercise regularly.

Nutritional deficiencies can result in hormone deficiencies as well as
blood flow abnormalities. Replacing nutrients such as Arginine, Zinc or
Magnesium can be essential to achieving optimal outcomes. Through
advanced laboratory testing, Dr. Wardwell can assess your status and
provide recommendations for pharmaceutical grade supplements that
have been tested for potency and purity or provide direct Intravenous
supplementation for quicker path to repleting your levels.

Treating Cardiovascular disease or Diabetes by working on diet,
metabolic health and cardiovascular reconditioning can be the number one
factor contributing to decreased sexual function. Advanced lipid panels,
functional medicine genomic, nutritional, and metabolic labs are able to
provide a deeper perspective on Cardiovascular health.

Evaluating and treating the musculoskeletal system, whether it be
addressing weakness of the lower abdomen, pelvic floor muscles or hip
and low back extensors, can be another important component to
achieving the best results. Dr. Wardwell has training in Tantric Yoga
exercises and breathing techniques to help restore the proper neurologic
tone to these areas so they are able to support healthy sexual function.

There is an Osteopathic aphorism “The Rule of the Artery is
Supreme”, which means that restoring proper alignment to the
musculoskeletal system through Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine can
be essential to restoring proper blood flow to the penis. The innervation
and blood flow comes from the nerves in the sacral plexus as well as
nerves the originate in the lumbar region. Evaluating and treating chronic
musculoskeletal misalignment in these areas is another level of the
treatment that Dr. Wardwell is uniquely trained to address through both
Osteopathic physical exam and musculoskeletal ultrasound.

The Inbody 770 is the most advanced body composition analyzer
that is able to detect body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass, markers of
cellular integrity/inflammation and swelling that can help to target areas
that need to be addressed and validate that the methods we use to
address them are working.

The use of oral medications such as Cialis or Viagra may or may not be
necessary as an adjunct to the above therapies but in most cases they
may be used at a lower dose or with decreased frequency within 2 months
of the procedure depending on what other more systemic factors need to
be addressed.

At the San Francisco Institute for Integrative and Regenerative Medicine,
we offer state of the art procedures such as the Priapus Shot that can
stimulate regeneration in the penis in a way that no other approach is able
to effect. At the same time, the result can only be as good as the system in
which this procedure is performed in and addressing other systemic
factors that may be leading to decreased sexual performances can be
essential to achieve the optimal result.

As a specialist in Integrative and Regenerative Medicine, Dr.
Wardwell has the tools to evaluate and treat the whole person and offer
these advanced procedures using the highest quality regenerative agents
delivered under the most advanced in office ultrasound to ensure the
injections safely go exactly where they need to be.