Biocellular Facial Rejuvenation

Biocellular Facial Rejuvenation utilizes adipose derived stem cells and growth factors to regenerate collagen and restore volume that has atrophied with age. The adipose is derived by a mini-liposuction procedure that removes a small amount of fat from just beneath the skin. That fat is then micronized through a series of filters so that it can be injected through an acupuncture size needle into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the face. To work on fine lines and the superficial layers of the skin, the solution is placed on the skin and a dermal pen is used to exfoliate and penetrate the first 2mm of skin. A local anesthetic is used for both the liposuction and injection part of the procedure so there is minimal discomfort.

Biocellular Facial Rejuvenation is the ideal aesthetic procedure because it regenerates the tissue that is responsible for the appearance of aging. Most aesthetic procedures fake this effect by paralyzing the muscles or injecting fillers to create the illusion of healthy collagen and fat that provide volume to the face. A face lift simply pulls sagging skin back across the atrophied area, which can look unnatural. Biocellular Facial Rejuvenation is more of a Space Lift, where filling in volume in the areas of atrophy lifts the face back to its natural position. Biocellular Facial Rejuvenation can be used to treat the face, neck, decollete, breast, hands, and any scars on the skin of the body.